Silverlight Training

About Silverlight Training

This Silverlight training teaches the developers to build plug-in that runs Rich Internet Applications. It brings a trimmed down version of the .NET Framework to web browser client-side programming. It also provides a user interface framework that is very similar to WPF, enabling developers familiar with WPF to learn Silverlight with ease. This course shows the main aspects of building user interfaces with Silverlight. 

Silverlight Training Course Prerequisite

  • Prior experience with following technologies is also beneficial: HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, Visual Studio, the .NET Framework and relational databases.

Silverlight Training Course Objective

  • Introduction to Silverlight and its framework
  • Generate XAML for rich user interfaces
  • Define new user interface elements with styles and templates
  • Integrate and stream multimedia content to enhance the user experience
  • Different controls and layouts panels to provide dynamic, responsive user interfaces
  • Create dynamic, data-driven Silverlight applications in a team environment
  • Connect to .NET language code to extend the behavior of Silverlight elements
  • Using Animations
  • Securities in Silverlight

Silverlight Training Course Duration

  • 30 Working days, daily one and half hours

Silverlight Training Course Overview

Introduction to Silverlight

  • Why silverlight
  • Silverlight vs WPF
  • Silverlight  vs AdobeFlash
  • Versions of silverlight
  • Installing silverlight


  • Creating silverlight application
  • Embedding silverlight application with html document, document….
  • Different parts of silverlight application

Silverlight controls

  • Layout controls
  • Userinterface controls
  • User controls and custom controls

Designing user interface

  • Introduction to ExpressionBlend
  • Design surface
  • Different controls in toolbox
  • Grouping and combining objects
  • VSIDE vs ExpressionStudio


  • Variables in silverlight
  • Using collection in silverlight application
  • Isolated storage
  • Databinding to controls
  • Databinding modes


  • Using WebService in silverlight application
  • Using WCFService in Silverlight application
  • RESTful services
  • Developing WCF RIA services


  • Drawing Graphings
  • 2D and 3D animations
  • DeepZoom


  • Working with media element
  • Streaming media using silvelight
  • Introduction to expression encoder
  • Downloading images

Interacting with Htmlpage

  • Interacting with DOM
  • Calling silverlight from javascript
  • Calling javascript from silverlight
  • Silverlight font support
  • Silverlight full screen support
  • Manipulating css properties from silverlight

Page navigation in silverlight
Debugging,testing,deploying silverlight application
Silverlight application to windows phone7
Silverlight control toolkit

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